In My Bucket

Drive a snowmobile over a frozen lake
Hike and camp in the Adirondacks
Ride a jet-ski
Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame
Own a 62 Chevy Impala
Get a bachelor’s degree
Play college baseball
Sing in a rock band
See live dancers in Montreal
Tend bar in a London pub
Watch a football (soccer) game in London
Visit Edinburgh, Scotland
See Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” in-person (Amsterdam)
Visit Berlin
Stand amid the Catacombs & explore Hohensalzburg Castle in Salburg, Austria
Share a train cabin with a family of gypsies
Get food poisoning in Prague
Spend the day at a concentration camp
Visit Budapest
Visit Switzerland
Party with Jimmy Fallon
Participate in a medical study
Run a 5k (a big deal because prior to the summer of 1995, I couldn’t run to first base without puffing on a rescue inhaler
Watch the sun set in Key West, FL
Sing karaoke
Cliff jump
Ride in a limousine
Publish a sports magazine
Interview a Hall of Fame NFL defensive end
Go whitewater rafting
Downhill ski
Play #2 squash player in all of South Africa
Ride 50 miles on a bicycle
Watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve
Survive a traumatic brain injury
Get a tattoo
Visit San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and San Diego
Do yoga
Play blackjack in Las Vegas
Walk down Hollywood Boulevard
Visit Bologna and Venice, Italy
See a Broadway show
Fly a kite at the beach
Grow a full beard
Water ski
Play guitar and sing wedding song as couple walks down aisle
Sing a solo in church
Mentor a child
Get a Master’s degree
Teach high school English
Contract Signature Sounds Recording artist Richard Shindell for 8th grade music assembly
Coach high school baseball
Run 10K
Do the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Stand at the top of the Empire State Building
Hunker down in a cabin for the winter
See live comedy show (Jim Gaffigan!)
Take a ghost tour in Savannah
Learn to blog
Write a poem that doesn’t suck
Get a second Master’s degree
Shoot a rifle
Go on a wine tour/tasting
Give blood
Float down a lazy river on an inner tube
Sleep under the stars
Participate in a focus group
Teach college writing
Watch the Florida Gators play at the Swamp
Attend the Republican National Convention
Practice random acts of kindness
Watch no TV for a week
Train my dog
Celebrate the cowboy lifestyle


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