Sudoku stream of consciousness

easy-sudokuThat can’t be a 1. I’ll put an X by it. A 1 can go here and here. I’ll write in subscript until I figure something out. A 4 can go here and there. Wait, not there. Hey, I got a 4! Whoopee, I’m on a roll. I need a 3. [Looks in upper right hand corner of page.] This is EASY level? Geez, where are my analytical skills? Don’t give up. I need a 6 in this column. Voila! By jingo, you’ve got it man. [Long pause.] Definitely not a beautiful mind happening here. I wonder if I’ve gotten any LIKES on my blog? Those 1s and 3s are vexing me. Grover, stop itching. Finally, found a spot for that 9. And another. I get it – it’s like process of elimination or something. GROVER! (Note to self: get flea meds.) I want to stick a 7 somewhere. Funny thing about the cast on my leg: one minute I’m claustrophobic and the next my foot feels cozy like a bug-in-a-rug. 8. Three middle boxes complete. [Cell phone vibrates: Democratic senators hold climate change ‘Talkathon‘.] What time is it? Where’s that back massager? 6. And another. AC clicked on again. Wonder what my TECO bill will be this month? 4. No, no, yes. Derek Jeter. It’s like a blizzard in here! But this Ben n’ Jerry’s sure is tasty. Signed off on the 5. Boom – how you like me now? Purposeful living, baby. Ooh…tummy not doing so well. Feeling… drowsy. 1, 5, 7. Did I cancel my chiropractor appointment for tomorrow morning? They better not try to charge me for a missed appointment. 2. Itchy eyes, itchy eyes, itchy eyes (allergies). Uh-oh. Did I just feel a twinge in my right knee? Dang, I knew favoring it would lead to problems. 2, 8, done! I do hold a lot of stress in my hips, though.


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