Paying it forward with complimentary sticky notes

sticky-notes-275x300Day 1 of sharing the love. I clocked in about 2 hours later than usual so I could carry out my shenanigans undetected. By 6:15 pm, all eight of my co-workers had gone for the night. I sat at my desk writing corny motivational expressions on fluorescent green sticky notes with a Sharpie. YOU HAVE TREMENDOUS FOCUS! YOUR OPTIMISM IS INFECTIOUS! I was thinking how fortune cookie-esque these pithy compliments were, but then it occurred to me they were more similar in brevity and tone to the chalk-flavored miniature hearts kids share on Valentine’s Day. I felt odd and slightly mischievous walking from cubicle to cubicle affixing the notes to their desks. You can find um-teen uses for sticky notes, from the run-of-the-mill jotting down grocery lists to using the sticky edge to clean between the keys of your computer keyboard. Basically, I only ever thought of them as reminder notes for whatever needs remindin’. No match in versatility for WD-40, but on day 1 of sharing the love, these little squares of paper with ink scrawled across them served a different purpose. Random? Yep. An act of kindness? I think so.

Mission accomplished.


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